Dynamic Adaptive Detectors

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  • T4i engineering design reliable, versatile, miniaturised and modular detectors. These detectors are needed in emergencies such as an industrial accident address a technological challenge. Through advanced design, modelling, prototyping and adoption of novel materials, T4i engineering design detectors to address these challenges. T4i engineering detectors are designed as distributed systems and not as conventional, individual devices. Individual, isolated, detectors are not fully exploiting the current levels and spread of technology. Proliferation of mobile phones, maturity of communication protocols, easy access to broad or local maps and IoT allow designing detectors as distributed systems. T4i DOVER™ and T4i SMS, two of company solutions for HazMat make full use of state-of-the-art ICT.

    • T4i DOVER™: a versatile, robust, miniaturised, IoT-by-design chemical detector for mounting on-board robotics and UAVs. High performance payload for chemical detection.
    • T4i SMS: a fast, credible, robust, dynamic, miniaturised sampling system and fast, LTM Gas Chromatography in one unit. Ideal front end for Photoionisation Detectors, Ion Mobility Spectrometers and Mass Spectrometers. Unique add-on for detector manufacturers (OEMs).

    What is special about our detectors
    Our ultra-low sensitivity detectors are capable of successfully coping with abrupt changes in the immediate environment, sudden changes in altitude/pressure, temperature and humidity of the detector immense environment which have serious impacts on efficiency and performance of chemical detectors. Incorporating smart algorithms, versatile software is designed to tackle the technological challenge.
    Networks of sensors, Internet of Things, cloud computing, communication technologies and integration push for a whole new way of looking at designing detectors. End users/customers’ needs require simplicity, field performance, low purchase and maintenance costs. T4i engineering balances the two trends and ensures that detectors will deliver practical, down to earth, solutions in affordable cost. T4i DOVER™ combines the best of the two worlds with applications in security, forensics, emergency response and industrial safety.

    How we work
    We discuss with practitioners to understand their needs and convert them into specifications. We use 3D CAD design tools for heat and flow modelling, creating layouts and integrating parts. We apply 3D CAD for hardware and electronics design and use 3D printing for fast prototyping. Popular software development tools are used for fast software prototyping.