R&D in Materials Engineering

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  • T4i engineering carry out R&D technical projects in the area of polymers and specifically epoxy resins. Our specialty is evaluating epoxy resins performance and yellowing. We have experience in testing and benchmarking polymers and epoxy resin properties.
    Contact us at: materials@t4ieng.com

    What’s special about our service
    By building research collaboration with university teams, T4i engineering exploit the state-of-the-art in materials technology. We have experience in using mechanical and spectroscopic methods for testing epoxy resins and special UV chambers for benchmarking epoxy resins yellowing.

    How we work
    We plan testing based on standards and experimental design. We have experience in evaluating mechanical, adhesion and ageing properties of polymers, proposing consultation and solutions for optimisation and running feasibility studies. We use metrics for evaluating performance and efficiency. Our specialised team is experienced in on-site inspections of production lines for better understanding the material and the production process. We offer consulting services on the design of specialized industry labs for evaluating polymers and epoxy resins performance and yellowing. We draft IPR documents with business confidentiality.
    T4i engineering have experience that ensures high quality project management for R&D projects.