Specialised electronics and prototype design services

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  • T4i engineering provide electronics design services based on IPC A610H standard, aligned with RoHS. We have experience in embedded electronics incorporating a variety of transducers, interface communication protocols (USB, WiFi, RS232, IrDA, SPI etc) and microcontrollers (Microchip, Renesas, ST, Atmel etc).
    Our team of engineers specialises in hybrid systems that fuse electronics and miniature low power pneumatic components (Lee, Parker, Gardner Denver Thomas, ASCO, SMC etc) as well as chemical or other sensors.
    Contact us at electronics@t4ieng.com

    What’s special about our service
    We are the first choice when it comes to designing low footprint (power, size) systems incorporating exotic engineering materials (PTFE, PEEK, polyimide foams).
    From requirements to prototype we base our design flow on integrated CAD software, 3D modelling and computational tools which allow us to optimise your product’s shape, dimensions, heating and flow control. We use in-house 3D printing for the development and assembly of the prototype parts.

    How we work
    We discuss with customers on their ideas and needs aiming at delivering reliable and robust designs and prototypes on time that have the best benefit/cost ratio. We develop the design and development file of the project which is our commitment to the customer.

    Additional services

    • We can develop relevant customised hardware drivers that will allow your software development team to build on that without the need of extensive knowledge about the underlying hardware
    • We can optimise the bill of materials of an old design to meet your cost, availability or other requirements